At this year’s Class of 2020 Brotherhood Ceremony on Monday, Sept. 19, Malvern welcomed 132 freshman and 9 transfer students into the Upper School.

Many faculty were part of the event, directing the students and their families and handing out St. Augustine Medals. The Augustinians blessed each new student. As in previous years, President James Flynn O.S.A. reminded the students that they would come together to hear readings from St. Augustine again at their graduation in May 2020.

Here are a few of our favorite photos. See our full album of photos at this link.

Michael Harrington is a Malvern student of the graduating class of '19. Mike has been a member of the paper since freshman year, and he has held the title of Friar Life Editor since his sophomore year. He is a captain of the squash team and has been playing squash since his sixth grade year. Mike loves to read, mostly fantasy and sci-fi novels.